Commercial roofing is a building material used to protect and seal the top of commercial structures. It covers structural framing and prevents rain and other precipitation from entering the building. Commercial roofing generally has a relatively flat slope, as opposed to residential roofing, which is typically steeply sloped.

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Protecting your property begins with the foundation and we have been successfully installing a range of waterproofing products since our inception. Depending on site conditions, a liquid applied membrane waterproofing system may provide the protection you require. The advantages of a liquid system are the ease of application and the seamless application.

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Steep Roofing

From cedar shingle to natural slate, from clay tile to fiberglass shingles, the GEHRINGER Corporation has extensive experience in the installation of all steep roofing products. Our installations of slate have included large residential projects utilizing slate from Vermont and Pennsylvania and institutional projects utilizing natural and synthetic slate projects.

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About Carlisle SyncTec Systems

Carlisle SynTec Systems has been the leader in the commercial single-ply roofing industry for more than 50 years. It continues to lead the roofing industry today by providing its customers with superior roofing systems and services through a select network of manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and applicators. Carlisle’s products have been installed on a wide range of buildings around the world, including schools, hospitals, warehouses, and cold storage facilities. With more than 19 billion square feet of roofing materials sold, Carlisle continues to lead the industry by providing its valued customers with the best products, services, and warranty options available today. Whatever your roofing needs, Carlisle has a system – and an answer – for you.