Protecting your property begins with the foundation and we have been successfully installing a range of waterproofing products since our inception. Depending on site conditions, a liquid applied membrane waterproofing system may provide the protection you require. The advantages of a liquid system are the ease of application and the seamless application. These systems may not be appropriate for a masonry substrate or in applications with substantial hydraulic head pressure. We have installed liquid waterproofing (Karnak, Tremco and Carlisle) membranes.

In circumstances where liquid applied system will not provide adequate protection, a sheet membrane waterproofing system may be specified We have installed sheet membrane waterproofing systems (W.R.Grace, Meadows, Carlisle, Mirafi, CETCO) in both vertical and horizontal applications. We also successfully completed several applications where existing moisture infiltrations problems were corrected through the installation of the sheet membrane system.

The performance of any waterproofing system can be enhanced through the proper installation of a drainage board (W.R. Grace, CETCO, Mirafi). We have installed drainage boards on many of our projects.